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We believe sustainability means using the Earth's natural resources in a wise and sensible manner. It's our responsibility to provide sustainable seafood products for market, as only this type of seafood has a real future. Seafood Connection set up the Blue Planet sustainability program in 2004 to ensure we're doing just that.

We guarantee all Blue Planet Fish comes from a truly sustainable source: meaning the product comes from a sustainable fishery or breeding farm that has been subject to inspection and is 100% guaranteed products that have been produced on a Global G.A.P, BAP, or ASC certified aqua cultured farm. Seacon America is a member of Global G.A.P and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. Seafood Connection is co-founder of the ASC Accelerator in which we collaborate with our suppliers to attain a more sustainable production. In 2011 Seafood Connection started pilot projects for ASC certification in China and Vietnam. It is Seafood Connection’s aim to trade exclusively in sustainably produced fish by 2015.

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