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Shore to Chef means getting line caught fish from day boats that are Xtreme Frozen (-40 C) within hours of being caught. Caught by hand, it’s sustainable Wild Caught Seafood with year-round availability and consistent pricing.

The Xtreme Frozen process ensures the quality, texture, and the fresh flavor are preserved. Since our product is caught using artisanal day boats we’re able to deliver Shore quality fish to Chefs across North America.

Traditional blast freezing happens very slowly. 12 hours of blast freezing leads to large frozen crystals forming, which in turn destroys texture and compromises moisture content. In comparison, the Xtreme Frozen process takes less than 2 hours and produces a very small frozen crystal which maintains product integrity in both texture and moisture content.

Reel Wild day boat fish keeps the fish cold chain intact to plant by icing on collector boats before the catch is brought into the dock. The fish are then brought to our plant, cut into chef ready portions or fillets, individually vacuum packed, then Xtreme Frozen within 8 hours of catch.

Xtreme Frozen processing stops the clock on product deterioration, allowing us to ensure that the original freshness and quality of the fish is frozen in. Chefs are preparing, and more importantly their customers are tasting, product that is essentially 8 - 10 hours out of the water.


Reel Wild Grouper Spec Sheet Reel Wild Grouper Spec Sheet (1557 KB)

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