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Blue Planet was specifically designed for foodservice operators who need a standardized portion cost for optimal food cost & profits. Blue Planet by Seacon Swai & Tilapia “Exact Count” fillets is the only Swai & Tilapia brand in the market that allows the operator to use the “Cost per Unit Method”. Blue Planet Products are purchased in a 100% yield, exact count & chef-ready form.

The benefits are consistent plate coverage, even cooking times, Food service operators knows what their costs are per serving (a standardized cost), low cost menu protein, improved food costs and more profit!

Blue Planet fillets are farm raised under strict BAP Guidelines and are certified to assure Traceability, Sustainability, Environmental Responsibility, and Social Welfare. Blue Planet Fillets are an affordable seafood option with great versatility with many menu options for foodservice operators.

Blue Planet Swai Pangasius Spec Sheet Blue Planet Swai Pangasius Spec Sheet (1348 KB)

Blue Planet Tilapia Spec Sheet Blue Planet Tilapia Spec Sheet (1404 KB)



ASC Certification ASC Certification (111 KB)

MSC Certification MSC Certification (131 KB)

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